Do you have a disability or do you just want to keep up with the times? How about turning your house into a Smart Home? Safety, security, efficiency, and convenience right at your fingertips with smart home automation.

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For many of us, having a smart home is a bit of a luxury. We like the convenience and we enjoy playing around with the new technology. But that’s not the case for the elderly and the disabled. For them, the smart home tools and products aren’t any luxuries. They are a basic means to maintain and empower their lives and provide them with independence and freedom from many things.

Thanks to integrated systems, such as Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, you can expand your smart home capabilities a little at a time, starting with what you need most.

The Amazon Alexa Echo device doesn’t just provide informational services when connected to other smart home devices. Echo can also provide the user voice control over systems in the house. This sort of technology can be really helpful for people who are bound to a wheelchair or with limited movement to have the ability to control many aspects of their surroundings. These systems can be controlled by your voice and provide accessibility to previously challenging tasks. With your voice, you can control such things as appliances, home security systems, thermostats, TV's, entertainment systems, lighting and outlets. All you need is a home net-work (Wifi), a cell phone and a voice controlled system.

While some might argue that such technology can be an intrusion to their privacy, but for an individual who wants to live independently but requires daily monitoring of his/her health, reminders for medications and keeping check for vital health signs, assistive technology can indeed allow them to enjoy all the freedom which they want to have and relaxation at their own home while giving their loved ones a peace of mind.

This technology empowers users by providing accessibility in a new way that is a game changer, improving one’s quality of life and making challenging tasks possible. We term it as “assistive technology”. Using the assistive technology, we can empower and allow the disabled and elderly people to maintain a certain level of control over their surroundings and daily activities and offer a more positive quality of life by allowing them to maintain their dignity. With all of the emotional stress they have had to suffer from and restriction because of physical disabilities, a smart home can help give them good strength and hope for the better life and in return a better future.

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